Christmas Fun

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Here are some great Christmas Fun ideas to get you into the holiday spirit. Here are a few ideas that we have done over the years that are just fun things to do at Christmas time. If you are looking for something to do with your family and friends during Christmas...and you just need some new ideas...this is the place for you!!

Have you ever been so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you never really took the time or have the time to do things during Christmas with your family and friends? You feel like something is missing? You just want that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you had as a child? All of these ideas will help you get that. Christmas isn't just about the's also a "spirit" a "feeling" inside. You know what I mean. Try some of these and lets see if you can get that feeling back!

Christmas Caroling

You may be thinking...what? Christmas Caroling? Do people still do that for Christmas fun? Of course they do! You could make it a neighborhood event. Here is what we have done:

Make copies of Christmas songs to hand out to the carolers. Flashlights are probably the best choice for lighting...even though in the past we held candles...if it's windy, the candles are no good to you. Sing Christmas carols while you walk. If people come out to listen to you...stop and sing a couple of songs to them. Even if people don't come out, that doesn't matter...they are probably inside and listening. Singing Christmas carols really does make you feel good. At the end of the evening...serve cookies and hot apple cider to all of the carolers. This is a great Christmas Fun Activity

Nursing Home Visit Christmas Fun

All too often there are people who live in nursing homes who never have visitors. Most of their family and friends have passed on...or they just don't have any. When our kids were small, my sisters and I bought little stockings and filled them with chap stick, tissues, a candy cane and had our kids pass them out at nursing homes. I think one year they made ornaments, too. This taught our kids the spirit of giving and it made a lot of senior citizens very happy. Most nursing homes are very accomodating. They love it when visitors come. We called ahead to find out what would be appropriate to put in the stockings and they gave us the idea of the tissues and chap stick! It was very inexpensive. Another idea would be to just make cards and take them. No matter what you feels great to see the smiles on their faces when you come to visit them! This is a great way to bring some Christmas fun to them!

Christmas Fun

Secret Santa

When my mom found out she had cancer, it was the last week of November. It was a terrible time...but, my mom always loved Christmas. She really couldn't leave the house, because the doctors didn't want her out during flu season for fear she might get sick. Well, my sisters and I got this idea to cheer her up, it cheered us up, too!

Each morning for twelve days, we put a gift on her front porch with a short poem about the gift...and always finished it "from your secret santa." I have 2 sisters, so each day we took a turn..we each had every third day. The gifts were anything from a pretty Christmas Candle, Christmas coffee cup, flowers...we just tried to think of things that she liked. The funny thing is that she would call us and tell us about these gifts...she never suspected us. She thought it was someone from her church who was leaving the gifts. On the twelvth day...we left a note saying who it was from! She was so surprised! Each day she told us that she couldn't wait to see if someone left something! It really brought up her spirits...and it made us happy, too! It really was lots of fun!!!

Another "Santa" Idea

Here is a Christmas Fun idea if you want to brighten someone elses day. Buy a few $5 gift cards from Starbucks or another store. When you are at a check out stand or a drive through...give it to the person waiting on you. People that work in retail or at restaurants have to put up with alot during the holiday season, like loads of (grumpy, did I say that?) people, long hours, etc. Just say "Merry Christmas, this is for you!" Trust me,it will really brighten their day...and you'll get that warm, fuzzy feeling

Christmas Fun in San Antonio Texas 2009

Secret Angel

We do this every year at school amongst the teachers. Each year (anyone who wants to participate) draws a name of another teacher. For a week (5 days) we sneak a present on their desk. We do themes each day, for example: something in their favorite color, favorite snack, favorite collectable, favorite restaurant, etc. On the last day, we all meet in the lounge before school, for a brunch and reveal who their "secret angel" is. Great Christmas Fun idea!

Christmas Fun

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Here is a wonderful Christmas fun idea that I have seen in different variations...this is how we usually do it. Send out an invitation to all of your friends inviting them to a Christmas Cookie Exchange party. Instruct them to bring 12 dozen cookies with the recipe on a big platter. Everyone comes, has refreshments and drinks. Sometimes we do an ornament exchange (see my adult Christmas Party ideas page). Then at the end of the evening divide up the cookies that everyone brought. Each person will go home with a wide variety of cookies and the recipes. It's a great way to try and find new recipes to make. It's also great to take home a bunch of cookies...just in case you have unexpected Christmas guests!

Christmas Fun

Here are some more Christmas fun and meaningful things to do during the Holidays!

Go to a Christmas Play or Pageant, they are normally free, just look in the local listings in your newspaper for dates and times.

Stop by Starbucks and get some hot chocolate, then head out to see Christmas lights! Many neigborhoods have Christmas lighting contests and these are also posted in your local newspapers. See if you can find a "Griswald" house. There is usually one in every neighborhood!

Go to the mall and pick a Christmas Angel from a tree to buy something for a less fortunate family. I've done this with my daughters to pick out the presents. Hopefully this instilled in my kids how much fun it is to help someone else!

Have a family Christmas movie night! Kick back and relax by watching a Christmas movie with the family, complete with popcorn and sodas of course!

Christmas Fun