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If you enjoy making things, then Christmas Craft Ideas is the right place for you. Remember I'm an art teacher? I have lots of great Christmas Crafts To Make that will keep you very busy until Christmas! There are lots of fun things to do on these pages that include directions for ornaments, decorations, Christmas Gifts to Make, and much, much more!

Each year after Thanksgiving dinner, my sisters and I plan a Christmas craft for our kids to make, while the guys are watching football. Since the kids are all ages, we try to come up with ideas that are appropriate for all age groups. This is a great tradition that we have enjoyed for many years. It is kind of a kick start to Christmas!

I really hope that you enjoy these Christmas Crafts! Get out your glue gun and get started!

Candles in a Can

Do you like candles? Do you have a million candles that are almost out...but not quite? You really can't burn them because the wick is messed up or whatever. Well, you can use those old candles and turn them into really cute gifts. Please be very very careful when melting candles. The wax gets very hot and can catch on fire. Melt on a very low heat.

Directions: Use a can...vegetable, fruit, tuna, or whatever. Paint the can really really cute(after you wash it, of course), like a snowman (can you tell that I collect snowmen?). Then go to the craft store and buy some wicks. Then melt some of those old candles in a pan. (low heat) might want to be careful and choose candles that are in the same scent family. I always buy candles that smell like some type of food (vanilla, cinnamon, etc) I'm good. Then just put the wick in the can carefully pour the melted wax in the can and you have a very cute candle. FYI..this is just a little get that wax residue out of your pan...stick pan in the freezer for awhile and then it will just pop out. That goes for anytime you have wax in the bottom of a glass candle holder, just put in freezer and voila' it pops right out!

Note Holder

Okay, this is a nifty idea that one of my friends made and brought to work one day. It is a note holder made out of a rat trap. Cool right? It's really cute! All you do is take the hardware off of the rat trap with a pair of plyers. Then paint and varnish the wood. Let dry. Put the hardware back on...see pic. Add a bow. Make one for all of your friends. It makes a cute little gift and only takes about $3.00 to make! Great idea for teacher gift!

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