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Christmas Gift Baskets make a great gift for anyone! I love to put these together. Whenever I put a Christmas Gift Basket together, I think "theme". They are appropriate gifts to make for anyone. You can make really inexpensive ones, or more expensive ones...that just really depends on how you'd like to do it. But, I will tell you this...whether you spend very much money or not, they will look like you spent a lot of money.

For each basket I like to use shredded colored tissue paper, it just looks nice. It's up to you what type you use...they have regular tissue paper, irredescent or the tinsel type that's real shiny. I have used them all. When I want something to stand up high in the bottom of the basket, I use news paper. It doesn't show because after I put in the gifts, I put the shredded tissue paper between them and at the bottom of the basket. Sometimes it's appropriate to tape items in place so they don't move around.

I like to use clear celephane wrap that you buy at the craft store to wrap them. I always put a nice coordinating bow that has wire, as these make the best bows. I also put a large bell on the bow to add that extra touch. Here are my favorite Christmas Gift Basket Ideas!

Movie Night Gift Basket

I like this Christmas Gift Basket Idea because it is appropriate for anyone. This is a good present for someone that you have no idea what to get. Again, think "theme". What type of movie does this person like? How old are they? My favorite is to put Christmas DVD's in the basket.

This is what I put in the basket:

Popcorn, 2-3 DVD's, 3 large boxes of candy, such as Milk Duds, Nerds, Raisinettes, etc.

I also like to put a cute container that holds the popcorn. Sometimes you can find these at the dollar store. They are red and white and say popcorn on them. Usually, they are only about a dollar. If I find a really big one, then I make that the basket and arrange the other items inside. Then, I also put a few canned or bottled sodas in the basket. This is a great family gift, also!

Mexican Themed Basket

For this one, I usually buy the multicolored shredded tissue, it looks really festive. This is a nice gift for someone who likes margaritas!

This is what I put in the basket:

2 margarita glasses, margarita mix, a container of margarita salt, and a gift card to a mexican food restaurant, a couple of pralines, and you're good to go.

I arrange everything in the gift basket. The gift card I normally put front and center. I tape it (without the tape showing, of course) to something larger in the back so that it shows.

There are additional items that you can put into the basket, depending on your budget: salsa, tortilla chips, a cute dish to serve the salsa in. Sometimes I don't even put the gift card in the basket. It just depends on how much I want to spend on that person. Another idea that I have, is instead of putting all of those items in a basket, I may just want to do a gift card. So I put the shredded tissue in a margarita glass or wine glass with the gift card. This makes a nice gift, too!

Gift Basket for the Little Artist

Because I'm an art teacher, I know the importance of encouraging kid's artistic abilities. This is for the kids who really love to do arts and crafts! You can make one for adults, too!

This is what I put in the kid's Artist Basket (you could add or take away, depending upon how much you would like to spend):

watercolors, paint brushes, play doh, an art apron, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, crayons, colored chalk, drawing books, beads, drawing pencils, drawing pad, pipe cleaners, glitter, glue stickers there are endless things that you can put in this one...I could go on and on. Lots of these things you can get at a dollar store!

I arrange all of the items in the basket. When I tie the bow, I tie 2 paintbrushes into it. Too cute!

Pamper Her Gift Basket

Well, as we all know, most women love to be pampered. What better way than a beautiful gift basket filled with oils and bubble baths...then a nice gift card for a massage, mani and pedi. Or if she's not into the massage, mani and pedi...a gift card to her favorite restaurant is always nice!

Things to put in the basket:

Nice smelling candles, chocolates, bubble bath, body wash, anything for a spa treatment, gift card for a massage, manicare, pedicure and restaurant. Wow! I hope my husband sees this!

Italian Gift Basket

This one is fun for all of the Italian lovers out there! I hope you like this Christmas Gift Basket Idea!

This is what I put in the basket:

a variety of noodles (I try to find unusual ones), a spaghetti spoon (what are those called?), a jar of red sauce, a jar of white sauce (preferably homemade from your kitchen, ha ha), a loaf of garlic bread or some bread sticks, a bottle of italian wine and two wine glasses. If I can find a red and white napkin, I lay that in the bottom of the basket first.

Here are some more Christmas Gift Basket Ideas!

Fishing Basket

I have a nephew who loves to fish! Every Christmas when I ask his mom what to get him she says the same stuff. So this basket is in honor of Kurt, who loves to fish.

For this one use a fishing bucket as the basket. Put in the tissue shreds and add weights, hooks, floats, worms, lures, flashlight, fishing line. All of these things are very inexpensive. You could also add a gift card to their favorite sporting goods store!

Gift Basket for the Book Lover

Here is another one of my favorite Christmas Gift Basket Ideas. For some reason I'm thinking teenage girl when I think of this gift basket, even though it would be appropriate for anyone of any age. Think "theme". I'm thinking the Twilight series (those books are really good, even for an old lady like

Here is what I'd put in the basket:

a series of books (twilight, Lois Lamour, Harry Potter, etc.) a book light, cute book markers and a snack, such as candy or popcorn!

Instead of a basket, you could arrange all of these items in a cute tote bag!

Christmas Gift Basket

Oh...I love making Christmas Gift baskets. I have so much fun picking out pretty Christmas items to put in them. I also love to find pretty baskets in the shape of sleds or hat boxes that are decorated for Christmas. I have made so many of these...but, I never get tired of making them. I usually go with a color theme. Sometimes I try to pick out things that are really bright, like red and white. Or sometimes I like to do a red, gold or blue theme. It really just depends on the basket that I find first.

Here is what I like to put in my Christmas Gift Baskets:

Christmas CD, ornament, pretty chocolates, Christmas coffee cup, some of my homemade hot chocolate or spiced tea (you can also use storebought, various types of tea bags, etc.

Sometimes, I like to put in a loaf of my homemade pumpkin bread. Look for recipes to put in Christmas gift baskets, such as hot chocolate, pumpkin bread, etc. under the recipe section of this website!

Wine Christmas Gift Basket

This is a nice gift basket to give a couple. It's kind of romantic. The cost of this gift basket is going to depend completely on you. There is such a big difference of costs for these items! Have fun!

Here is what I put in my Wine Christmas Gift Baskets:

a nice bottle of wine, two wine glasses, wine charms (super easy to make with wire and beads!)a variety of cheeses, grapes, a wine guide (you can find these at your local book store) a wine bottle opener, a pretty stoppe (sometimes you can buy these in sets to save you money, etc.

Again, you can add or take away...make it as inexpensive or expensive as you'd like. No matter what you do, this nice gift is sure to be greatly appreciated!

Game Basket

This is a great gift idea for a family. Some of these items you can use as filler and buy at the dollar store to save you money.

This is what I put in the Game Basket: (The items that I put in this basket depend on the ages of the kids in the family.

a couple of board games such as Life, Monopoly, Pictionary, Cranium, etc., dominoes, pick up sticks, barrel of monkeys, a couple of decks of cards, dice, puzzles, a variety of candy, snacks and/or soda.

Another idea is to put some outdoor games in an ice chest.

You could put in the ice chest, croquet, badmitton, volleyball, soccer ball, football, basketball, frisbee. etc!

More Christmas Gift Basket Ideas Coming Soon!

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