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Snowflake Game

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This is a fun Christmas Office Party Idea to break the ice. The only supply you need is white paper (we use copy paper).

Have everyone stand in a circle. Give each person a piece of white paper. Have them hold it behind their back. Now have each person fold the paper (while it is behind their back) and tear it into a snowflake. Have everyone hold up their snowflake to show. The person with the BEST snowflake wins!

Every year we have a Christmas Party with the teachers and their significant others at a nice restaurant. This is a fun ice breaker. Normally, 2-3 people do not participate so they can be judges. The winner usually gets a small prize like a gift card to Starbucks or a coffee mug, etc. Don't tell them what they are going to be doing with the white paper until it is time to play. Their suspense adds to the fun!

Reindeer Game

This game came from a friend of mine who played it at her husband's Christmas party every year. We played it last year at our Christmas party and it was a real hoot. For this game you need teams. We had 6 teams with about 10 people per team (adjust accordingly for your group).

Supplies: In a Christmas gift bag for each team we put about 10 balloons (deflated), stick on Christmas bows, curly ribbon, a pair of panty hose (cheap ones from the dollar store), some chenille sticks, red pom pom ball and some tape.

One person from each team is coherced...I mean volunteers to be "it". (Trust me...this person is a really good sport.) Everyone on the team "decorates" the person by blowing up the balloons and stuffing them into the legs of the panty hose. They put the pantyhose on the "volunteers" head so that the legs are antlers...get my drift? Then everyone decorates with bows, pom pom ball for nose, etc. Use your imagination! The catch is that this game is timed. They only have 1 minute to do it. The first team that finishes wins! It's lots of fun..and good for a few laughs. Last year the winners (all 10 of them) each got a little bottle of wine (the type that come in a carton..the little ones) Those make great prizes for adult games when you have to have lots of prizes. I just tied shiny ribbon bows on them (with will figure out by reading my website that I really like jingle bells for decoration) and that was a nice, inexpensive prize. Great Christmas Office Party Idea!

Ornament Exchange

This is a fun game that we played last year at the Christmas party. At the end, everyone went home with a really nice ornament.

We asked everyone to bring a wrapped ornament. We got in a circle and one person read a story (that I made up...and trust me, I am not the best author). It was just a cute little story made up about Santa and I added people's names that were at the party to make it funny. It was a little corny...but, hey everyone laughed. have each person starting off holding their own ornament and each time the reader says pass it to the person on the left...the same with right. It went something like this:

Santa Claus left the North Pole on blah blah get the idea, right? Just put the words left and right into the story. Whatever ornament you have when the story is over is the one you end up with. I hope you like this Christmas Office Party Idea!

Dirty Bingo

Don't let the name of this game fool you...this is good, clean fun. Ha Ha. This version of bingo is a lot of fun for a Christmas Office Party Idea. Each person (couple) brings a $10 wrapped gift. Play bingo the traditional way...when someone wins..they get to choose a wrapped it...everyone oohs and aahs over it. Keep playing until all gifts have been won. Now here is where the "Dirty" part comes into play. Set a timer for 30-45 minutes (it's up to you). Now when someone wins they can "steal" a gift that someone else has already won. Don't get too attached to your gift. During the 30-45 minutes, anybody who wins can take any gift that everybody was oohing and ahhing over before. Sometimes one person goes home with 3-4 gifts. No bad sports for this game! Not only is this a great Christmas Office Party Idea,I have also played this game for Ladies Night Out Parties. It's loads of fun!

Christmas Trivia

This is fun to play in groups. It's a great ice breaker...and helps people to get to know one another better. At our Christmas Office Parties, we normally have about 4-5 couples sit at one table. We pass out a paper with Christmas trivia. As a group, they answer the questions on the paper. These are super easy, but it is timed for 2 minutes. The group with the most answers correct, wins! We normally just throw a basket of candy their way and they are perfectly happy! Remember...only 2 minutes to answer! Quick and fun Christmas Office Party Idea!

You may copy and paste these questions if you like!!!

1. Who is the title character in "It's a Wonderful Life?"

2. Name Bob Cratchet's boss?

3. What mode of transportation does Frosty take to get to the North Pole?

4. Name the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

5. Finish this verse. "Merry Christmas to all and to all _____.

6. How do you say "Merry Christmas" in Spanish?

Answers: 1 George Bailey, 2 Scrooge, 3 train, 4 partridge in a pear tree, turtle doves, french hens, calling birds, golden rings,geese a laying, swans a swimming,maids a milking, ladies dancing,lords a leaping, pipers piping, drummers drumming, 5 a good night, 6 Feliz Navidad

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